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SH89 / CASA C.212- 1:72


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Avión a Escala 1:72

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SH 89 / CASA C.212 'ASW & Maritime Patrol'

The CASA C.212 is a Spanish turboprop-powered STOL cargo aircraft that has seen service with a wide range of countries and flew in many different roles, one of them being maritime surveillance and patrol. Machines fitted for this sort of tasks carry radar antennae in distinctive, duck beak like shaped radomes at the front of the fuselage as well as some more electronics equipment within the airframe.

  • Highly accurate and nicely detailed model
  • Precisely designed sheet of decals offering markings for two Swedish airframes in different colour schemes, one Malta-based machine and a Spanish one.
  • Specific antenna arrays made of resin and photo-etches
  • Double-slotted wing flaps – resin set no.7407 – is recommended for discerning modeller

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